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The secret haven of Patmos

It features the longest shore in Patmos, natural shade from salt cedars, sparkling sand and crystal-clear waters. Welcome to Grikos, one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Here, the landscape is always subject to nature’s temper.

Grikos, a peaceful vacation settlement, is situated in the southeastern side of Patmos 4.5 km from the Skala port. From the Hotel premises visitors can admire the famous «Kalikatsou» rock, a natural monument that dominates the calm lagoon in the area.

At this magical location, you constantly lose sense of time. One moment you are in a typical Greek island and the next it seems you were magically transferred somewhere else, to a place ideal for mountain hiking. All it takes is to raise your eyes and turn your head from left to right. From the beautiful pier where boats are docked and the deserted «Tragonisi» that shelters the bay from winds, to the ascetic rock and the well-hidden wetlands. So many different pictures and so many different stories, at your footstep.

Rosy-red rocks sculpted by the sea waves, vineyards, golden fields and tiny houses add to the magnificent scenery of the bay. Sea birds roam over the sea embroidering the sky and land gently right next to you, searching for food in the traditional taverns. From the side of the mountain, the rocky landscape is decorated by the white Patmian mansions with their whitewashed yards, while lined-up salt cedars offer natural shade. Oh and the people! True, sincere, welcoming. Waving at you in a friendly smile Grikos bay abundantly offers locals and visitors a sense of simplicity.

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